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Master the Art and the Business of Speaking!

WE Connect the Messenger, the MESSAGE, and the Marketplace

For aspiring and Professional Speakers, Mike Williams systematically takes Speakers through the various stages to the top of their game. This means shaping the Speaker to connect at their highest potential, measured in greater impact and/or income. Our process takes Speakers, one by one, at any level and boosts their grasp of the big picture and the small details in the Art and the Business of Speaking.

No matter the Speaker’s skill level, if the aim is to use Public Speaking to maximize their talent and message, they face common hurdles. These  include essential skills, habits, and developmental steps to go through—and grow through—to succeed at higher and higher levels.

The result is not merely making Speakers better, but moving them forward dynamically. It’s not magic. It is Mike’s unique assess-and-move process. And it's powerful! Mike Williams works to produce a dynamic impact on each Speaker’s road to success.

Speak as an Advocate!

push Your Career, Business or Cause!

Many people pursue Public Speaking to boost or launch an idea or venture. Or, they may be trying to move up in their respective field, outside of Speaking. Business owners, freelancers, fast-track professionals, and non-profit advocates often use Speaking to make their case. Their target might be customers, investors, thought leaders, or donors.

So, not all Speakers are looking for direct income from Speaking. Yet while the goals of can be very different, each Speaker recognizes the value of connecting with an audience as something to master. And the process for developing the craft is the same, no matter the goal.

The processes and techniques Mike Williams uses are customized to meet the needs of the aspiring Speaker, no matter their goal or skill level. Mike has a fundamental method that takes Speakers where they want to go. And the result is dynamic growth.

Put Your Message Out There!

Making Sure Your Message Matters

Become a messenger as a full-time professional public speaker, commanding fees that reflect your talent and value. Or, use your message to create breakthroughs for young people, where money is not a factor. Or use your insights and talents to help companies, organizations and their people overcome challenges. Or speak as a thought leader in your field, to strengthen your value.

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Mike Williams is especially known for creating value in the marketplace. The path you chose must reflect your vision, but whatever path you choose, the art of Speaking requires a level of mastery that will set you apart. This is also where Mike can help. Experience, techniques, insights, and a proven process, make Mike Williams Solutions a valuable resource.