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Read "The Road to Your Best Stuff", the inspiring and informative book by Mike Williams, and learn how to use the powerful techniques he has developed during a remarkable management career spanning over 30 years. Discover how many of the same principles that work for renowned athletes, actors, singers, musicians, fashion designers, and celebrity chefs can make a significant difference for yourself and others pursuing careers.

Distinguish Yourself

Do you want to distinguish yourself personally and professionally, but are unsure how to go about making it happen? Let Mike Williams show you the way. To help you as you map out the route that suits you best, Mike provides answers. He also introduces you to dozens of great personal coaching resources including books, magazines, and websites to keep you headed in the right direction for years to come.

"Mike has been my mentor for over 40 years, and the business strategist who helped me start and grow my business from zero to my first million-dollar year. I truly believe that The Road to Your Best Stuff will help thousands of people with big dreams become successful. This book has power. Let's put it to work."
Motivational Speaker Les Brown

"This book is a tool for self-coaching. It looks at achievement from four dimensions: personal, professional, organizational, and promotional. What you know can make a big difference in your business, career, or cause. But as you look to go to higher levels, more breakthroughs will come from your inner search. The better you know yourself, the better your chances to achieve at higher and higher levels."
Mike Williams

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