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Energize your career, business, or cause with consulting, coaching and strategies from Mike Williams Solutions. At MWS, we take an in-depth look at problems and opportunities, identify career roadblocks, and then map the road to success. We also look for ways to produce dynamic results. Additionally, MWS helps clients connect and maximize those connections using proven assessments to create strategies, direction, and high-impact programs. Together, we pave the road ahead.

Decision making defines us, even more than we might like to admit. Sometimes, ego gets in the way. Know the "why" of your decisions! Often, when we make decisions, we are acting without an honest sense of what might be driving that decision. Who are we as decision makers? The better we know our strengths and weaknesses, the better we can identify the right moves for the road ahead. Ignorance hurts. Knowing how you weigh options helps others help you. Pay close attention to how you decide — not just what you decide. It really matters.


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