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Our aim is dynamic impact. We start with an in-depth assessment of needs and assets. Then we take a hard look at internal capacity and the best shot at marketing opportunity. We use those findings to recommend direction and action, to maximize the bottom line. This method runs through all of our work, Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Content. And the result is dynamic impact.  

We are serious about getting individuals, companies and organizations to their highest levels, according to their vision and goals. Originally we began with Consulting, strategizing and planning the way to success, short-term and long-term.

Then Coaching arose to help clients really dig in, to carry out their plans and action steps. Plans too often gather dust. We zero in on habits, practices and effectiveness, idfentifying what might interfere with ongoing progress. This creates accountability, getting and keeping them on track, moving forward. 

Training emerged as a way of shifting the company's or organization's culture, focused on mindset, to enhance skill set. And breakthroughs happened. The built-in interaction and focused workshop process helps get everyone on the same page. Our unique approach to workshop training was a key our success.  

The work that Les Brown and I were doing for decades with Public Speakers has also shown value for professionals in other fields. We created a powerful Workshop Experience, providing an opportunity for growth in real time. It is the heart of the cutting-edge work we began decades ago.

Nowadays, Content has resurfaced as an area of concentration. It is a return to Media Messsaging that began in broadcasting and work on various campaigns and projects. Crafting messages for Community Awareness brings us full circle, with Messaging for a variety of situations and needs. We are excited about it!!

The extension of our work in publishing The Road to Your Best Stuff 2.0, also reflects the role of Messaging for various applications and projects. This means creating, producing and/or assisting a variety of others in their efforts to give voice to their own projects or ventures, getting their "stuff" into the marketplace.     

We look at situations from all angles, including problems and opportunities, to help map each client's road to higher and sustained success. And we're always aimed at dynamic impact, not just improvement. We help clients connect and maximize those connections, paving the road ahead, wherever that road is.

We get to know the blind spots and the hidden opportunities. And the better we know strengths, weaknesses, habits and priorities the better we can identify the best moves. Ignorance hurts. Knowledge is power. And self-knowledge provides a power too often overlooked.

We're serious about the road ahead. Join us, to power up your future!  


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