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Mike Williams Solutions was created in 1981 as a Consulting company, focused on marketing strategy and media production. Soon after, Coaching was added, to help clients dig deeper and get better organized.

Our clients and projects have covered a wide range of situations. But our best-known work has been with Les Brown. We helped Les launch into public speaking and reach his first million-dollar, year 5 years later. It's still going.

Our current Coaching program was created as an elite-level model to meet a variety of situations for public speakers, business owners, freelancers, and non-profit leaders. The Four-Star Coaching Program uses its systematic methods to strategize and support great work.

Recently, we broadened our program, while making it PRIMARILY VIRTUAL, to meet broader needs and situations. But still, we push our clients to achieve and make sure they get there. 


  • We begin with our unique Assessment Process; Phone Interview, 60-90 minutes; follow up phone Session if required 
  • Assessment Materials provided; to be returned for next Session
  • Regular Sessions, 50-60 minutes by phone, every 2-6 weeks (client’s choice)
  • Coach's Observations, Recommendations presented (in writing or verbally); then discussed
  • Plan adjusted/accepted: Goals, Action, Timelines
  • Coaching Sessions follow the direction of the Plan
  • Coaching provides Oversight, Accountability, and Support, to measure, observe, adjust and reinforce efforts


  • A plan and steps toward the Vision or Major Goal
  • A clear direction and action steps 
  • Accountability to maintain progress
  • Measurable and/or observable outcomes
  • Continuous, committed movement toward Vision/Goals



  • 7 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • 2 written reports, Obs and Recs, Plan
  • Obs and Recs discussed; Plan mutually developed, agreed
  • Plan presented in writing, guides Coaching 
  • Notes after each Session
  • $2,500 plus additional Sessions (client’s choice)@ $500 per set of 3 Sessions


  • 7 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • VERBAL REPORTS; Obs and Recs presented
  • Plan presented (outline) verbally, mutually agreed
  • Plan guides Coaching
  • Written notes after each Session
  • $1,800 plus additional Sessions (client’s choice) @$500 per set of 3 Sessions


  • 4 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • VERBAL REPORTS; Obs and Recs presented, discussed
  • Action Plan (outline) priorities, action presented verbally, agreed
  • Plan guides Coaching
  • Written notes after each Session
  • $1,000 plus Additional Sessions (client’s choice) @$500 per set of 3 Sessions
  • NOTE: In-person Coaching can be provided with a different cost structure. Contact us for details of costs variations in program details.


All Coaching programs begin with pre-payment. Initial payments for MWS Coaching programs are payable by check or PayPal. Payments for additional Sessions (3-session packages) are prepaid via PayPal, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

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