Mike Williams Solutions

Coaching with Mike



Mike Williams Solutions started as a Consulting company in 1981. We were focused on marketing strategy and media production. Soon after, Coaching was introduced, to help clients dig deeper and get better results.

We've had a wide range of clients. But our best-known work has been with Les Brown. We helped Les launch into public speaking and reach his first million-dollar year in 5 years. It was a dynamic process. 

Our Coaching began as an elite-level model to meet a range of client needs for public speakers, business owners, freelancers, and non-profit advocates. Our Four-Star Coaching Program is the hallmark of that work.

During the pandemic, we were VIRTUAL, but now we are back to IN-PERSON Coaching and hands-on Work Sessions. This allows us to meet greater needs. We help clarify the end goals, and make sure they get there


  • We start with our unique Assessment Process (Virtual or In-Person)  
  • Our Assessment Materials are issued for clients to be complete
  • Sessions are 90 minutes (In-Person) or 50-60 minutes (Virtual)
  • Observations and Recommendations are presented 
  • A Plan is presented and mutually agreed
  • The Coaching program is guided by the Plan


  • A strategist with 40+ years experience
  • Well-defined vision/goals   
  • A clear strategy and plan for moving ahead
  • Built-in Accountability to maintain progress
  • Defined, measurable/observable outcomes
  • Methods to achieve Vision/Goals


Our Coaching options are flexible, intended to meet the needs and budget of any committed Client. A Coaching program can be offered to meet a range of budgets from $1,100 to $3,500.