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    Interactive Training

workshops Work! 

Our approach to Training is designed to create shifts that create change. So, we use information and interactive experiences to open eyes to broader and better ways to see and do things. Our training design sets the stage for greater awareness and introduces ways to be more effective. The techniques we use shifts mindfset to impact decisions, action and results.

Our initial Client Assessment allows guides us in designing a customized training model with selection of tools, materials and exercises for a one-of-a-kind, impactful and memorable experience. The training experience has immediate take-home value, beginning in real time with real, observable and/or measurable results.... for clients and trainees. 

"In over 20 years of designing seminars, I thought I knew a lot about training that penetrates hearts and minds. Then I attended a 3-day, intensive workshop, designed and meticulously conducted by Mike Williams. This training experience changed me and others around me, at a DNA level. No one designs training that sticks like Mike Williams."
Cheri Najor, CEO; Center for Peak Performance

Seminars Are Big!

Our seminars are more flexible to offer than workshops. They can be done with large venues and with large audiences. By presenting a broad range of material and utilizing cutting edge techniques, we can provide powerful experiences.    

Our training turns ideas into strategy and strategy into action. We focus on mindset to enhance skill set, using our insights from 40-plus years of experience. Each training experience uses techniques to shift thinking for dynamic impact.

Man at Computer

Speaking Dynamics

Connect messenger and message to the marketplace using elements of public speaking, networking, and personal development strategies. The training teaches how to apply speaking, presenting, interviewing, and storytelling in a wide range of settings.

Promoting Customer Value

Put your customer at the center of customer service. This training produces customer-based, customer-friendly interaction. Customer-centered techniques and training exercises get results with more focus on mindset and less on skill set.

Creating Strong Leadership

Get tips to connect with others and build support. Learn to persuade and move people to action in the workplace or the community. Present ideas and organize resources to make things happen. This training teaches you how to connect, mobilize support, and get results.

Maximizing Your Stuff

Learn strategies for elevating each person's level of success. Each career, business, or cause gets a base for moving forward to success. The training moves each trainee forward, channeling ideas and aspirations into workable plans. Then, we measure outcomes. The result is dynamic achievement taken to the highest level.

Training Logistics

All of the training offered by Mike Williams Solutions is provided via seminar or workshops. The workshops are offered in half-day, full-day, and multiple-day sessions, priced accordingly. Seminars are offered in shorter segments — typically 90-minute or 2-hour sessions. All MWS training is interactive to maximize the experience and its impact.