Mike Williams Solutions

Our Work

Our Work is Extensive 

We have always been serious about our work and its impact. However the client defines the vision, we work to make it happen.

Our role is to help carve out the way forward, with a clearly mapped strategy and plan for success.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams started as a marketing consultant. He combined marketing and organizational strategy to maximize impact for clients.

Mike used marketing and media experience, training, and a deep dive into personal/career development to start a coaching role, before the term was widely used.  

Mike Williams Solutions was born after success with several non-profits. Then small, and growing busineses. It worked!

Later, Mike began helping Les Brown enter the world of public speaking. Mike helped Les reach the top, nationally and internationally as a speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

The work with Les as a speaker was a re-start of what begin in radio, many years earlier. Mike has worked to empower business owners, nonprofit leaders, and various freelancers. 

Mike has worked extensively with high-powered, high-profile clients, including thought leaders and heads of several smaller companies and non-profit organizations.

Mike Williams

Mike uses his unique assessment process to guide action and consistently maximize impact. The approach is outlined in his latest book, "The Road to Your Best Stuff 2.0." The book highlights key methods achievers have used to reach their goals, in keeping with their vision.

"Mike has been my mentor for over 40 years and the business strategist who helped me start and grow my business from zero to my first million-dollar year. He has helped me multiply that success many times over."
Motivational Speaker Les Brown

Many Projects

Mike Williams Solutions has been involved in a number of projects and with a variety of individuals, companies, and organizations. The following descriptions outline some of our work:

  • Developed a marketing plan for re-opening a manufacturing company, including re-establishing wholesale and retail customers.
  • Created an intensive, three-day residential training program for fast-track corporate professionals.
  • Developed strategy and multi-media media campaign to boost memberships in a regional business advocacy organization.
  • Planned and helped set up a high-profile vision center for an ophthalmic surgeon, helping her establish, staff and market her dream medical practice.
  • Developed a plan to dramatically improve an agency attract adoptive families for hard-to-place children.
  • Developed a strategic marketing and organizational plan to establish corporate and nonprofit inroads for a newly created speaking/seminar company.
  • Created a hands-on marketing workshop for aspiring young entrepreneurs, including tools to maximize mindset and skill set for success in their ventures.
  • Designed, scripted, and produced, a speaker's promotional video, selected as an industry model.
  • Developed plan to assisted a newly charted museum project to attract visitors and funding.
  • Developed strategy, plans, and media for various political campaigns to help candidates and issues win, specializing in voter registration and turnout.
  • Designed and developed innovative workshop training for public speakers at all levels, focusing on the art and the business of speaking.
  • Developed a marketing and organizational plan to assist an orthodontist in attracting referring dentists and patients.
  • Developed a comprehensive outreach plan for a newly created health agency to solidify funding, outreach, and strongly impact statewide community health.
  • Led negotiations, developed concepts, and served as a consulting producer for television projects.
  • Produced, developed, and scripted an anti-violence radio campaign to raise awareness, shape attitudes, and reduce violence.
  • Provided troubleshooting to identify key problems and maximize create opportunities to retain customers, retain them, and improve falling referrals.
  • Conducted consulting and coaching for several entrepreneurs, public speakers, freelancers, fast-track professionals, and community advocates.