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Business and career Coaching

We began offering coaching several years ago to help clients, especially the key person or leader, effectively implement plans and reach their goals. Coaching helped boost the impact of their efforts, turning plans into results, ensuring progress, accountability and impact.

Coaching Gets Results!

MWS coaching begins with an assessment, utilizing an in-depth interview and custom-designed materials. We explore the obstacles and opportunities for the road ahead. Coaching creates accountability to ensure results.

We strategize and work to overcome problems and maximize opportunities. Our coaching is conducted in time blocks that usually range from one-hour to half-day sessions. We get strategy turned into action. Then we adjust for best results.

Four-Star Coaching Program

Our Four-Star Coaching Program provides options for your budget and priorities. Choose the program that best fits your needs. Greater urgency and resources allow faster and more significant results. The Four-Star Coaching Program is useful for careers and businesses of all kinds. It focuses on the individual to maximize impact.

Four-Star Speaker Coaching

Four-star coaching for speakers is for public speakers at all levels. It begins with an assessment that forms a basis for action and success. The speaker coaching program focuses on the art and the business of speaking. Each speaker develops along the path and pace that fits his or her budget and time frame.

Every speaker needs a process of strategy, direction, and accountability. This ensures each speaker's opportunities to reach out and make a dynamic impact.

Speakers' content matters: Most people focus on delivery. We start and end with content because it is the thing that gives staying power. You can practice and improve delivery. Compelling content takes work, but pays over and over.

The speaking world makes room for speakers who know who they are, what they have to offer, and why their voice and message need to be heard. We work with you, connecting the messenger, the message, and the marketplace.

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